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We Produce Top Class Documentaries and Feature Films for Clubs, Organisations, Leagues & Sportsmen/women

Turn your own story or idea into a compelling video that can shared with thousands of people all around the world!

Up North Productions are documentary and filmmaking specialists!

You DON'T need Netflix or Amazon Prime to tell your story!

And you DON'T need a multimillion dollar budget!

We'll film it! We'll produce it!

We can even do it all for you using content you already have!

Whatever the idea, whatever the project, we can help you make it a reality!

First Class Sports Filmmaking

Based in Lancashire, we produce high quality sport documentaries and features.

We have worked with professional, semi professional & grassroots sports clubs, organisations, promoters, event organisers and individual sportsmen/women.

We can take your idea or story and transform it into a compelling feature film that can be shared with people from all over the world.

We give YOU the opportunity to tell YOUR story in YOUR own words!

Here are a few examples of our work...

Morecambe FC: Defying The Odds

The Evolution of Euxton

AFC Blackpool: On The Right Path

Football Stadium

Who We Work With

Football Clubs

How would you like to have a Netflix-style documentary made about YOUR football club?

Whether you are a non league team or you play at grassroots level, you can have your moment of fame on the big screen!

Most football fans have seen the Sunderland Til I Die and All Or Nothing documentaries. Why not have your own?

A documentary or feature film is a great way to give people an insight into your club or organisation!

Soccer World Cup


Do you have a boxing or MMA show coming up and need a promotional video to help give it maximum exposure?

Are you looking for a way to sell more tickets for your upcoming event and would love a documentary-style video to help tell your fighters' stories?

You could even hype up a rivalry! At the end of the day, grudge matches sell!

Remember Ringside on Sky Sports? We can produce videos just like you've those that you've seen on TV!

Image by Joel Muniz

Sports Leagues & Organisations

Are you involved in the running of a league or organisation?

Are you looking for a way to get more exposure and coverage?

Perhaps you know an unsung hero and would like that person to be recognised for their years of work?

Or, maybe a team or a sportsman/woman connected to your organisation has achieved something special and you feel that they deserve recognition?

A feature film or short documentary is a great way to shine a spotlight on those who deserve it the most!

women running on track field_edited.jpg

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