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How To Film Your Own Football Matches

Filming a grassroots football match presents a wonderful opportunity to not only capture the passion and intensity of the game, but also allow coaches to analyse the footage afterwards, using it as a tactical tool to help improve player and team performance.


Nowadays, most teams are using some form of video, even at amateur level, to improve both on and off the pitch. Whether the footage is used to analyse player performance, focus on team shape, or create highlights reels, those who aren't using video are being left behind in a big way. Clubs are now even able to monetise their videos through subscription-based websites or PPV events!


Put simply, if your grassroots football club is not making the most of video, they are missing out in a big way!

How to get started

To ensure you capture the best footage possible, it's essential to consider a few key factors. From selecting the optimal camera position and mastering zooming techniques to choosing the right accessories and managing battery life, here's a comprehensive guide to help you film a grassroots football match with success and professionalism.

Camera Position:

  1. Place the camera at an elevated position, if possible, to get a better view of the entire field.

  2. Position the camera as close to the halfway line as possible.

  3. Make sure the camera is stable and securely mounted to a tripod to avoid shaky footage.


Zooming In and Out:

  1. Start with a wide-angle shot to capture the overall field and player positions.

  2. Use zoom to focus on specific passages of play, individual players, or close-ups of the action. As a rule of thumb, the further away the ball is from you, the more you zoom in, the nearer the ball is to you, the more you zoom out. When we film games, when the ball is on the touchline right in front of us, we zoom out as far as the camera will go. When the ball is near the touchline on the opposite side of the pitch, we zoom in by around 50 per cent.

  3. Avoid excessive zooming or constant adjustments, as it may result in jerky footage. Smooth and controlled zooms are preferable.



  1. Tripod or stabilizer: Helps maintain a steady shot throughout the game.

  2. External microphone: Enhances audio quality, capturing the sounds of the game and crowd.

  3. Extra memory cards: Ensure you have enough storage capacity for recording the entire match.

  4. Spare batteries: Depending on the battery life, having extra batteries ensures uninterrupted filming.

  5. Lens filters (optional): Consider using polarizing or neutral density filters to improve image quality in different lighting conditions.


Battery Life: Camcorder battery life can vary depending on the model and usage. It's essential to have spare batteries to last the duration of the match. High-quality camcorders can typically provide a battery life of 2-4 hours, but it's advisable to check the specifications of the specific model you choose. You can also use a portable battery power pack so your camera is plugged in for the entire game and there is no way that the battery will run out!


Top 3 Football Cameras on the market


1. Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Camcorder:

This Sony camcorder offers stunning 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities. It features a 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor, allowing for excellent low-light performance and capturing vibrant, detailed footage. With its fast hybrid autofocus system, you can easily track fast-moving subjects during the match. The AX700 also provides professional-level features like manual controls, dual XLR inputs for external microphones, and built-in ND filters to control exposure in different lighting conditions.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Camcorder

2. Canon XA50 Professional UHD 4K Camcorder:

The XA50 from Canon is a versatile camcorder that shoots in ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K resolution. It utilizes a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with dual-pixel autofocus for precise and quick focusing. The 20x optical zoom lens allows you to capture clear, close-up shots of the action. It features dual XLR inputs for high-quality audio recording, built-in ND filters, and a 3-inch touch panel LCD screen for easy control and monitoring.

Want to learn more about the Canon XA50 Professional UHD 4K? CLICK HERE

3. Panasonic HC-X2000 4K Pro Camcorder:

This Panasonic camcorder is designed for professional use and delivers exceptional 4K video quality. It features a large 1/2.5-inch MOS sensor for impressive low-light performance and enhanced image detail. With a 24x optical zoom lens, you can capture distant plays with clarity. The HC-X2000 offers professional features like dual XLR inputs, built-in ND filters, advanced image stabilization, and a 3.5-inch touch screen for convenient operation. It also supports simultaneous recording on two memory cards for backup or extended recording times.

To buy this Panasonic HC-X2000 4K Pro Camcorder, CLICK HERE

These camcorders are all highly regarded for their video quality, performance, and professional features, making them ideal choices for recording grassroots football matches with stunning detail and accuracy.

Top 3 Budget Football Cameras


1. Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder:

This camcorder provides high-definition video recording and features a 20x optical zoom lens. It offers excellent image stabilization, built-in Wi-Fi, and a 3-inch touch screen. It also has a secondary camera for capturing multiple angles simultaneously.

CLICK HERE to buy the Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder

2. Sony HDRCX405 HD Handycam

This compact and affordable camcorder shoots in HD and offers a 30x optical zoom lens. It features SteadyShot image stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, and a built-in USB cable for easy file transfer. It's a great budget option for capturing football matches.

CLICK HERE to buy the Sony HDRCX405 HD Handycam

3. Panasonic HC-V180K

The Panasonic HC-V180K offers full HD 1080p video recording capabilities and features a 28mm wide-angle lens with a 50x optical zoom, allowing you to capture clear and detailed footage even from a distance. It has built-in image stabilization to minimize camera shake and produce steady videos. It has a 2.7-inch LCD screen for easy monitoring and playback, as well as a dedicated zoom lever for smooth zooming during filming. The Panasonic HC-V180K is generally available at a budget-friendly price point, making it a suitable alternative to the Canon VIXIA HF R800 for capturing grassroots football matches without breaking the bank.

CLICK HERE to buy the Panasonic HC-V180K

Recommended Tripod

The NEEWER 79"/200cm Video Tripod:

A heavy-duty and reliable camera tripod designed for professional video recording. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, this tripod offers excellent stability and support for your camera equipment. 


With a maximum height of 79 inches (200cm) and a minimum height of 31.5 inches (80cm), this tripod provides versatile shooting options, allowing you to capture shots from various angles and perspectives. The adjustable leg sections and center column enable easy height adjustments to suit your shooting needs.

The tripod features a fluid pan head, which ensures smooth and precise panning and tilting movements, essential for capturing dynamic video footage. The pan head comes with a built-in bubble level to help you achieve straight and level shots. One of the notable features of this tripod is its sturdy build, which can handle heavier camera setups with ease. The quick-release plate allows for quick and secure camera mounting and dismounting, saving you valuable time during shoots.

Additionally, the tripod includes a removable handle, which provides convenient control over panning and tilting. The rubber feet of the tripod offer good grip and stability on various surfaces, minimizing unwanted movement or vibrations.

Overall, the NEEWER 79"/200cm Video Tripod is a reliable and durable option for videographers seeking a stable support system for their camera equipment. Its adjustable height, fluid pan head, and heavy-duty construction make it suitable for professional video recording, including grassroots football matches.

CLICK HERE to buy the NEEWER 79"/200cm Video Tripod


Time To Get Started

Capturing grassroots football matches on camera can provide valuable insights for players, coaches, and fans. By selecting the right camcorder, positioning it strategically, utilising effective zooming techniques, and employing essential accessories like tripods, you can elevate the quality of your footage and capture the excitement of the game.


Top camcorders such as the Sony FDR-AX700, Canon XA50, and Panasonic HC-X2000 offer exceptional video quality, advanced features, and professional capabilities.


For those on a budget, options like the Panasonic HC-V770, Sony HDRCX405, and Panasonic HC-V180K provide affordable yet reliable choices.


Pairing your camcorder with a suitable tripod such as the NEEWER 79"/200cm Video Tripod can further stabilise your footage, allowing for smooth panning and tilting movements.


Remember to optimise camera position for a comprehensive view of the field and players, use zoom judiciously to capture specific moments or close-ups, and consider accessories like external microphones, spare batteries, and memory cards to enhance your filming experience.


Grassroots football teams utilise recorded match videos for performance analysis, player development, scouting, recruitment, and promotional purposes. These videos serve as valuable tools for coaches, players, and even potential opportunities for investment.


Following these guidelines and utilising the recommended equipment can help you film grassroots football matches effectively and create vital videos that give your team an advantage over your rivals, as well as much-needed promotion and exposure to the wider footballing community.

Alternative Football Camera System

If you are looking to start recording your own matches but you don't have a cameraman to do all of the hard worl, there is an alternative that Up North Productions can highly recommend. Pix4Team is an AI, auto-follow camera system that automatically tracks the ball using its state of the art technology. You don't need a cameraman, and you don't need to pay any monthly subscriptions! The camera does it all for you! All you need to do is set it up, press record, stop the recording and download the footage after the game! It's that simple!

If you would like to learn more about Pix4Team, you can CLICK HERE

*Up North Productions are an affiliate for Pix4Team. We receive a commission from any sales made from links on this website. However, these do not come at any cost to you whatsoever.

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