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Pix4Team? Veo 2? Pixellot Air? Which is the Best Camera to Record Grassroots Football Matches on?

In the world of grassroots football, the importance of capturing and analysing match footage cannot be overstated. The emergence of innovative sports camera solutions has transformed the way athletes, coaches, and fans engage with the game. Here, we will delve into the realm of football filming, sports analysis and broadcasting, exploring three leading camera systems that have taken the industry by storm: Veo, Pixellot, and Pix4Team. Veo, Pixellot, and Pix4Team have revolutionised the way football is analysed and shared, each offering distinct features and benefits. 


These camera systems are equipped with advanced technologies and functionalities, allowing teams to gain a competitive edge and enthusiasts to witness the action like never before.

In this in-depth exploration of Veo, Pixellot, and Pix4Team, we will compare their features, benefits, and pricing, helping you make an informed decision about the ideal football camera system that best suits you or your club. 


What Is Pix4Team?

Pix4Team is a unique and innovative sports camera that records and live streams matches for football teams of all levels, providing the very best image quality on the market. With its advanced AI, auto-follow technology, it eliminates the need for a dedicated camera operator. The Pix4Team robot connects to your camcorder and tracks play. You can record directly to your camera or the robot, and you can choose the level of zoom too. And, unlike with Veo and Pixellot, there are NO expensive monthly subscription fees.

You simply connect the Pix4Team robot to your own camcorder, log in to the Pix4Team app on your phone or device to get set up, then record the game and come back to stop recording at the end of the match!

And, the best thing is, you record directly to your own camcorder so you can download the footage straight to your laptop. You don't have to wait hours to watch the game back.

What Are The Key Features of Pix4Team?

  1. Artificial Intelligence Filming: Equipped with a 180° camera positioned at the bottom, the Pix4Team robot analyzes the entire field in real time using an AI algorithm. It autonomously identifies the action that needs to be filmed, ensuring that no important moments are missed.

  2. Automatic Camera Control: The robot sends precise PAN, TILT, and ZOOM commands to the camera on top, enabling it to focus on the identified action. This automated system ensures that the camera captures the game just like a human operator would.

  3. Versatile Recording Options: The Pix4Team camera allows for flexible recording options. Videos can be stored locally in the camera memory or a micro-SD card, recorded inside the robot, and/or live-streamed on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. This versatility provides convenience and accessibility for both instant viewing and future analysis.

  4. Compatibility and Standard Format: The camera is compatible with a wide range of cameras weighing under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet. It supports standard video formats, allowing seamless integration with analysis software for detailed game review and performance evaluation.

What Are The Benefits of Pix4Team?

  1. No Monthly Fees: Pix4Team eliminates the burden of monthly subscriptions commonly associated with automated camera systems. Users can stream their games and events for free without any additional costs.

  2. No Camera Operator Needed: With Pix4Team, there is no requirement for a dedicated camera operator. The robot's intelligent AI algorithms and automated camera control take care of capturing all the action, freeing up resources and reducing operational expenses.

  3. High-Quality Image Capture: The Pix4Team camera/robot ensures the best image quality on the market. It allows users to choose their preferred camera brand with a real optical zoom or utilize their smartphone or tablet, offering versatility without compromising visual excellence.

  4. Open System and Software Compatibility: Pix4Team is an open and independent system that works seamlessly with various video analysis software. Users can leverage their preferred analysis tools for in-depth performance assessment and strategic planning.

How Much Does Pix4Team Cost?

The Pix4Team camera/robot is available at a competitive price point, providing exceptional value for its advanced features.

The basic bundle for soccer and futsal starts at €1,499.00 (excluding tax), offering the core functionalities for automated filming.

Additional sports can be added through software upgrades priced at €249.00 (excluding tax) per sport. There are no hidden costs or monthly subscription fees, ensuring cost-effective access to professional-grade automated filming.

What cameras work with Pix4Team?

Most cameras are compatible with Pix4Team - Sony. JVC, Panasonic, Nikon and GoPro.

However, the camera must have a multi port in order to connect the camcorder to the Pix4Team robot.

Pixellot Air Camera

What Is The Pixellot Air Camera?

When grassroots football club coaches are on the lookout for a sports camera to record their matches, their first thought is usually Veo. However, there is another camera system on the market that is often overlooked - Pixellot. 

Their flagship product, the Pixellot Air camera, is a cutting-edge, lightweight, and portable device designed specifically for football.

What Are The Benefits Of The Pixellot Air Camera?

  1. Weighing less than 2kg, it is highly portable, allowing users to easily set it up and capture games both indoors and outdoors. 

  2. Equipped with two 4K cameras and extra-wide high-resolution capture, the camera ensures comprehensive coverage of the pitch, enabling users to accurately review and analyse matches afterwards.

  3. One of the standout features of the Pixellot Air camera is its integration with the Pixellot You App. This user-friendly app serves as the control centre for the camera, allowing football teams to record their matches, share the footage and use it for post match analysis and tactical breakdowns.

  4. Teams can control the camera directly through the app, eliminating the need for a dedicated camera operator.


How Much Does Pixellot Air Cost?
Pixellot offers various subscription plans to cater to the needs of different teams playing at different levels.
For a single team and sport, the Light subscription plan is available at £57 per month (billed annually) or £65 per month (billed monthly).

This plan includes four games per month, 30 days of storage, unlimited users, and 24/7 professional customer support.

Additionally, subscribers enjoy free access to VidSwap Analytics, valued at $550, and a dedicated success manager.

For more comprehensive coverage and unlimited games, the Unlimited Teams & Sports subscription plan is ideal. 
Priced at £109 per month (billed monthly) or £99 per month (billed annually), this plan offers unlimited games, 12 months of storage, unlimited users, and the same benefits as the Light plan.

Subscribers also receive free full game breakdown bundles and a dedicated success manager.


What Tripods Can I Use With Pixellot Air?

Pixellot provides optional outdoor tripods to go with the Pixellot Air camera.

The Manfrotto 269BU Black Super Stand is priced at £199 and can support the camera at a height of 14.9 feet. 
Alternatively, the Manfrotto 269HDBU Black Super High Stand, priced at £359, offers a maximum height of 24 feet, along with added stability features.


Overall, Pixellot is a great Veo alternative and although it currently does not offer live streaming, it is excellent for recording football matches without needing a cameraman. It offers grassroots football coaches a great opportunity to analyse their team's match footage and share the videos with their players to help improve both team and individual performance levels.

Veo Camera

What Is a Veo Camera?

Veo is a cutting-edge sports camera that has transformed the way teams and athletes analyse and improve their performance. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and flexible subscription plans, the latest Veo Cam 2 has become an indispensable tool for grassroots and non league football clubs all across the UK and the rest of the world.


What Are The Benefits of a Veo Camera?

At the heart of Veo Cam 2 lies its remarkable recording capabilities. The camera captures every single second of the action on the pitch with its 180-degree view. Whether it's a goal, corner, or shot, Veo Cam 2's AI-powered event detection saves valuable time when searching for game-defining moments. 
With Veo Cam 2, coaches can relive and analyse every aspect of a match, enabling them to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions when it comes to tactics and player development.


How Much Does Veo Cost?
Veo offers a range of subscription plans. The available plans include:

  • Starter: Priced at £39 per month for one camera, this plan provides a cost-effective entry point for individuals or smaller teams. It offers limited access to the Veo Editor and allows for games to be stored for three months.

  •  Team: The Team plan, priced at £59 per month for one camera, offers enhanced features, including unlimited storage of games, unlimited access to the Veo Editor, and support for up to 15 users. This plan is ideal for teams looking to use their Veo for tactical and performance analysis.

  •  Club: The Club plan, priced at £75 per month for one camera, caters to clubs with multiple teams. It enables up to five teams and 150 users, providing unlimited storage of games, unlimited access to the Veo Editor, and the full suite of Veo Analytics. 

  • Enterprise: Designed for professional clubs, academies, and sporting institutions with larger-scale requirements, the Enterprise plan is priced at £142 per month for one camera. It supports up to 20 teams and 600 users, offering unlimited storage of games, unlimited access to the Veo Editor, and comprehensive Veo Analytics. 

Veo's Comprehensive Editing and Analysis Tools

Veo Cam 2 comes equipped with the powerful Veo Editor, which allows users to gain valuable tactical insights from recorded footage. 
The Veo Editor enables users to create highlights with no constraints, control the camera view, and focus on specific moments. 
Coaches and players can also draw on the screen using shapes, lines, arrows, and text.
Additionally, the Veo Editor allows users to tag players, write team comments, and even send private messages.

If performance and analysis is your main focus, the Veo Editor is ideal for your team.

Unrivaled Accessibility and Sharing

Veo Cam 2 enables players to create their own player profile pages, showcasing every highlight they have been tagged in. 
This feature not only allows players to monitor their own progress but also provides them with a platform to share their achievements with scouts and recruiters. 
Veo Cam 2's intuitive interface makes it easy to access and share recordings, allowing teams and individuals to distribute their greatest moments effortlessly.


Add-Ons for Enhanced Functionality

Veo offers some additional add-ons.

Live-streaming, available from £13 per month per camera, enables users to broadcast matches in real-time, although you can only watch it on the Veo app, you cannot currently stream to your club's social media channels, such as Facebook or YouTube. 
Veo Analytics, starting from £23 per month per camera, provides advanced match stats, pass strings, shot maps, heatmaps, 2D maps, and momentum graphs, providing users with in-depth performance analysis.

Our Final Word

Veo, Pixellot and Pix4Team all have their pros and cons, the camera you choose really depends on what it is you can afford, and what you want to use it for.
If you have a large budget and can afford to pay £50 to £100 a month in subscriptions, Veo 2 or Pixellot are certainly good options.
You will be able to use their analytics, so if you are a budding Pep Guardiola and would like to get stuck into some serious tactical analysis, this would be the perfect option for you.

However, if you are like most grassroots football clubs and you don't have much money to play with, the Pix4Team is our recommendation. 
Not only can you record your own games without needing a cameraman, there are no subscription fees so you can simply set your camera up, record the game and then download your footage straight to your laptop.
What you then do with the video is completely up to you!

You could use if for training purposes, to develop individual players and improve team shape. 
Or, you could actually use the footage to raise some money for your club! There are plenty of ways to do this!

Either way, Pix4Team is without doubt our number one recommendation.

If you would like to buy the Pix4Team camera and take your team's coverage up a level, CLICK HERE

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