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Does Your Football Club Film Its Own Games With an iPhone, Camcorder or Veo Camera?

Send Us Your Raw Footage & We Will Turn It Into a Professional, TV-Standard Match Highlights Video!

Turn Your Team's Footage Into a World Class Highlights Video, as Seen on TV!

Do you film your team's matches on a Veo camera and want to have your footage professionally edited into a TV-style highlights video, as seen on Sky Sports, BT Sports and BBC?

Maybe you film your team's matches using a camcorder or mobile phone but you aren't particularly technology-savvy or just hate video editing?

Or, you might have footage of an individual and need a player highlight reel produced?

If any of those scenarios apply to you, we can help you out!

We will take your raw footage, professionally edit it, add titles and overlays (such as the score, goalscorers, team line-ups, etc), add transitions and create a top class video that you can share with the world!

To put it simply, we will make your videos look like they should be on Match of the Day!

Tell us exactly what you want and we will make sure every key incident is included.

And we guarantee that your video will be complete within 24 hours!

Send Us Your Footage

If you use a Veo camera, simply download your footage and email it us. If you have filmed your own footage, do the exact same thing!

Click the payment button below to complete your purchase and then email if you have any specific incidents that you'd like to be included (if not, we will pick the best of the action ourselves). Please time stamp them!


We Transform & Edit The Footage

Once we receive your footage, we will pick out all of the major incidents from the game and create a highlights video. If you haven't specified any incidents that you'd like to be included, we will pick the best bits out ourselves! We will include goals, big chances and major incidents such as bad fouls, red cards, potential red cards, etc).


Titles and Overlays

We will add team line-ups (if provided), the live scoreline title in the corner of the screen (as seen on TV), goalscorers names, half time & full time score titles, and match stats (if requested). We will also use the exact same transitions that we use for our own match highlights videos.

You Can Have a Video Like This...

Why Do You Need Us?

There are a number of automated camera systems on the market, such as Veo, that allow you to film matches without having to actually operate the camera yourself.

These systems also automatically create highlights for you, and you can even use their editor to direct your own highlights.

So, why do you need us?

Well, the simple answer is this - when creating our match highlights videos, we go the extra mile!

We don't just create highlights!

We add slow motion goal replays!

We add team line-ups!

We add titles and overlays, such as the live score and goalscorers!

We add smooth and professional transitions!

We even add match stats!

We don't just throw a few clips together, we transform your footage into a TV-standard video that Sky Sports and BBC would be proud of!

Player Highlights Reel For YouTube or Instagram

You could have a video like this...

...Or This

What To Do Next...

Step 1.
Click the button below to complete your purchase

Step 2. 
Email your footage to us ( and let us know any of any specific incidents/moments from the match that you'd like to be included in your video (if not, we will choose all the highlights ourselves)

Step 3.
Wait for your video to be produced!

Image by Bence Balla-Schottner

Let's Work Together

Whether your club plays at non league or grassroots level, we can help you completely transform your match footage. We specialise in sports video editing, so if you are interested in having a match highlights video produced, or you'd like to have specific clips pieced together for analysis purposes, please get in touch.

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