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Follow Us On Twitter & Your Team Could Have Its Football Match Filmed For Free!

You could feature on our popular YouTube channel!

Here's how it works...

On specific dates, we film a game for FREE.

On Twitter, we ask teams to request their games by replying to our tweet.

In your reply, you must tag both teams and state the kickoff time, location and the league/cup name.

We then choose which of the requested matches to cover.

After we have filmed the match, we will produce a match highlights video and upload it to YouTube.

We will also share the link to the game on our Facebook and Twitter pages, tagging both teams.

Next, we upload short clips of key moments to YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

Who can make a request?

Any team based in the North West of England.

What do teams need to do?

Follow us on Twitter and respond to our match request tweets.

Ensure we have permission to film the game from both teams.

Ensure any player under the age of 18 has written parental permission to be filmed.

What do teams get?

We will film your game and produce a match highlights video, which is uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We share the link to the video on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We upload shorter clips to YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

What's included in the match highlights video?

Our extended match highlights videos include every major incident in the game - goals, chances, cards, controversial moments, funny moments, half chances and anything else we feel is relevant.

We include slow-motion replays for goals and other key moments.

If provided, we will show team line-ups at the start of the video.

Live score and time will be shown in the corner of the screen, just like on TV!

We collate our own match stats and display them at full time (shots on target, shots off target, shots blocked, offsides, corners, yellow cards and red cards).

How long do extended match highlights videos last?

That depends how eventful your game is! We include as much of the action as possible, including half chances. Videos can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. There is no set time limit.

Can teams/games be made a priority?

No. Up North Productions reserves the right to choose the matches we film. No priority is given to any team. Making a request for us to film for free does not provide any guarantee to any team.

Is full game footage included?

No. When filming for free, teams will NOT be sent a copy of the full game. This will only be available to watch on Up North Productions' Membership area on YouTube.

So, don't miss out! Follow us on Twitter immediately and respond to our next tweet!

Up North Productions YouTube Videos

Up North Productions YouTube Videos

Want to jump the queue and have a guarantee match booking?

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