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Want To Appear On Our YouTube Channel?

We provide the very best coverage of grassroots and non league football in the North West!

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All You Need To Know About Our YouTube Channel...

What's the YouTube channel all about?

We film non league and grassroots football matches all across the North West of England, and produce TV-standard match highlights videos which are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We cover teams of all standards and give them maximum exposure thanks to our growing audience on YouTube.

The aim is to provide top tier coverage for football that usually receives very little attention. We shine a light on non league and grassroots football teams.

What's included in our match highlights videos?

We produce extended match highlights videos, with every major incident included.

We use slow motion replays, and display the live score and time throughout our videos.

Team line-ups are also included (when provided) and we also add match stats at the end of the highlights videos.

And, if the game goes to penalties, we display the latest shootout score on the screen as well!

How long do the videos last?

There is no set time limit! We include every major incident, so it depends on our eventful the game is! Some videos are 5 minutes long, others are 30 minutes!

Are there any legal issues when filming?

In order to film, we ask for permission from both teams prior to the game.

Additionally, players under the age of 18 must have written parental consent in order to be filmed, so both teams must ensure this is arranged beforehand so we are able to record the game freely.

Appear on YouTube

Request Your Match!
Price - £150

If you'd like to feature on Up North Productions' YouTube channel, and be promoted on our social media pages, fill out the form below. Please note, this is a request only. Booking is dependent on availability.

Please make sure you provide the following information IN FULL:

Both team names

Date of game

Kickoff time

Location (including post code)

League/cup name

Failure to provide all of the requested information will result in the request being dismissed.

If your team's match is approved, we will contact you to arrange payment. All games must be paid for upon booking. Payment will not be accepted on the day of the game, or afterwards.

Request Your Game

Thanks for submitting!

YouTube booking form

Want us to film your game and showcase it to thousands of people?

Here's what we'll do...

We will film your team's match

Create a professional, TV-standard match highlights video

Upload it to our YouTube channel

Share the match highlights on our Facebook and Twitter pages


We will share short videos of all the key moments from the game on our social media channels.

These include YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, Tiktok and Twitter

How much does it cost?


Why is it cheaper than our other packages?

These videos are only uploaded to Up North Productions' YouTube and social media channels. The MP4 files are NOT sent out to the teams. With our standard packages, we film the game and send clubs the actual files so they are able to upload them to their own social media channels and websites. With this cost-saving package, teams still receive maximum exposure due to our growing audience, the content just doesn't get emailed out, 100% of the copyright belongs to Up North Productions. Teams can share the links to our videos but they cannot download or re-upload them to their own websites or social media channels.

Is full game footage included?

No. Teams will NOT be sent a copy of the full game. This will only be available to watch on Up North Productions' Membership area on YouTube.

How Do We Film Games?

Using a 15ft Hi-Pod tower, all games are filmed from an elevated position well above pitch level, allowing us to capture all of the action from a perfect vantage point. All matches are recorded on a high-quality HD camcorder with a shotgun microphone attached, allowing us to record top class footage and audio.

Why hire us to record your game?

All games are professionally filmed by an experienced camera operator who specialises in filming football matches. All videos are TV-standard and are produced, edited and uploaded to our YouTube channel within 24 hours of the final whistle. The footage, audio and all round production is of the highest quality.

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