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First Class Football Filming Service

We'll Film Your Team's Game!

We Professionally Film Non League & Grassroots Football Matches

We Specialise In Filming Football Matches Across The North West!

Up North Productions specialises in filming football matches at grassroots and non league level!

Do you have a big game coming up?

A cup final? A local derby? A vital league fixture? A charity match?

Or maybe you are a student and you need video footage for your coursework/studies?

Whatever it is, we will cover it for you!

Whether you want simple unedited full game footage, a tv-standard match highlights video or an individual player reel, we can do it all!

We cover all ages, all levels, male and female!

Have Your Match Filmed!

  • Enjoy TV-standard coverage!

  • Relive all the action!

  • Share your footage with friends & family!

  • Perfect for video tactical analysis!

  • Improve player performance!

  • Get an advantage over your rivals!

  • Monetise your videos to earn the club revenue!

What We Do...

Image by Mitch Rosen


How we do it...

Matches are filmed using a 15 ft Hi-Pod system, allowing us to capture footage from an elevated position above pitch level.

All games are filmed by an experienced  camera operator who specialises in filming football matches.

We cover the entire North West region.

We film games for teams at every level - Non League, Grassroots, Men's Football, Women's Football, Junior Football, and any other standard.


Here's what we offer...

We offer a wide range of editing services that you can choose from.

We can send you the unedited full match footage, which you can download with 48 hours of the final whistle.

We can also provide match highlights videos, where all of the game's major incidents will be included.

Also included will be slow-motion goal replays, team line-ups, live scores, goal scorers, team names and match stats.

We can also provide bespoke packages to suit your team, such as individual player highlights, specific clips to be used for tactical analysis, or anything else that you may require

Image by Jeffrey F Lin
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Perfect For Students

Need to be filmed for your course/studies?

​Are you a student at college or Sixth Form?

Do you need footage of you in action so you can be assessed as part of your course?

Maybe you are looking to get a scholarship in the USA and someone to film you?

If so, we've got you covered with a special package specifically tailored to young players like yourself!

You will receive the full match footage, and we will also produce a short video reel showing all of your key moments throughout the game.

How To Use Your Footage!

Share It!

Upload your videos to social media and relive all the action with friends and family. Watch your game over and over again!

Video Analysis

Get an advantage over the competition by using the footage to analyse tactics, team shape and player performance

Make Money!

Get your videos sponsored by a business, create a subscription-based website, or make your footage available to download for a fee!


5 Ways To Use Your Match Footage To Promote Your Football Club!

1. YouTube

Upload your footage to YouTube and build your audience. Upload content on a regular basis and ask people to subscribe to your channel. The more subscribers you get, the more people get to hear about your club! 

2. Facebook

Create a Facebook page for your club. Upload your match highlights and ask people to share your content. Create a buzz about your club and stand out from the other team's in your area!


3. Instagram

Create an Instagram account for your club and upload short video clips from your games. Keep them under 30 seconds, and make sure you add as many relevant hashtags as possible to help people find you!

4. Tiktok

Tiktok is on the rise! You can upload videos of up to 2 minutes! So create an account, upload individual clips from your games, add hashtags, engage with your audience, and you might just go viral!

5. Paid Advertising

A guaranteed way to make sure people see your match highlights videos is to pay for advertising. You can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter. They all work in the same kind of way. Simply choose the type of people you want to see your content, decide how much you want to pay per day on advertising, then watch your audience grow!

Image by Alberto Frías


How To Use Your Match Footage For Video Analysis

1. Team Shape

As a coach of a grassroots or non league football club, you only get to see your team's games from pitch level. With our coverage, we allow you to see things from an elevated position so you are able to fully analyse the organisation , shape and positional play of your team. 

2. Player Performance

Watch your team's matches over and fully evaluate your players' performances. Show specific video clips to your players in training to help them improve and develop. You can do  this using an iPad, a tablet or even a mobile phone!


3. Tactical Changes

Unsure if your tactics in your last match worked? Was your defence compact and organised enough? Did the opposition outnumber you in certain areas of the pitch? Was the formation effective? You can decide for yourself by watching the game footage and breaking it down in detail.

4. Scouting

If you have had one for your games filmed, you can gain a huge advantage over the opposition the next time you play them! Watch the footage again, pinpoint their weaknesses and build a game plan around them! Learn everything about their tactics, style of play, formation, even their use of substitutes! Remain on step ahead of your opponents!

Image by Alberto Frías


5 Ways To Turn Your Footage Into  Matchday Revenue!

1. Video Sponsorship

Find a business to sponsor your videos, add your sponsor's logo to the footage, upload it to ​your social media channels and your club's website. 

2. Sell the footage

Upload the video to your website, make it available to download for a fee.


3. YouTube

Create a YouTube channel. Upload regular content. Reach 1000 subscribers. Use Adsense to make money from advertising on your videos.

4. Burn to DVD

Not everybody is tech-savvy! Many people still like watching DVDs, so why not burn your footage onto a DVD and sell it?

5. Subscriptions

Set up a simple subscription-based website where people can pay a monthly fee to view your content. As well as your match footage you can include pre and post match interviews, training footage, funny moments, challenges (such as Cross Bar Challenge), and any other content that would interest people.

Football filming camera


Our Packages...

1. Full Game Footage (in HD)

We can film your match and send you the entire game, unedited. You will receive your footage in MP4 format and it will be delivered within 48 hours of the game ending! 

2. Students

This package is perfect for students who are studying at college or Sixth Form and need footage of themselves out on the pitch playing so they can be assessed by their tutors.

It is also ideal for any students who are hoping to get a scholarship in the USA and need to send prospective universities their match footage .

We will provide full, unedited footage of the entire game, as well as a highlights reel of the player. 

In the highlights reel we will include all of the major contributions the player made throughout the match.

And, if there is more than one player involved in the match who needs this footage, why not split the cost with them?

We will send the unedited full match footage to as many people as you like! (Please note, there is a £50 charge per person for additional individual highlights reels.)

3. Match Highlights (in HD)

We specialise in producing tv-standard match highlights videos for teams of all levels, standards and age groups. All of the game's major incidents will be included, along with slow-motion goal replays, team line-ups, the live score, match stats and various other titles and overlays. Match stats include goals, shots on target, shots off target, shots blocked, offsides, corners, yellow cards and red cards. 

With this package, you will also receive a copy of the full game, unedited, and individual video clips of all the goals from the game. You can have up to 10 individual video clips, so if it's a low scoring game, you can specify the moments of the match you'd like to be clipped.

Maximum length of these individual clips is 30 seconds.

Screenshot (143)_edited.jpg



Full Game

  • Full match footage only

  • Downloadable within 48 hours

Student Package

Match Highlights

  • Full match footage

  • Individual player highlights reel

  • Full match footage

  • Match highlights video

  • Team line-ups

  • Live score

  • Goal replays

  • Titles & overlays

  • Match stats

  • Up to 10 individual clips

Full match footage can be downloaded within 48 hours of the game.

All price are inclusive of VAT

There is an additional 30p per mile charge from post code LA3 to cover travel expenses to and from the venue. 


Request Your Match!

Booking is dependent on availability.

Please make sure you provide the following information IN FULL:

Both team names

Date of game

Kickoff time

Location (including post code)

League/cup name

If your team's match is approved, we will contact you to arrange payment. All games must be paid for upon booking. Payment will not be accepted on the day of the game, or afterwards.

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