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The Perfect Gift for Soccer Moms!

Transform footage of your child playing soccer into an amazing highlights reel! 
Remember those special moments forever and share them with your friends and family!

Highlights Reels

Remember that epic goal? The jaw-dropping save? An amazing moment of magic? You were there, phone in hand, capturing every moment. But now you're left with hours of shaky footage, unsure how to turn it into something truly special. Well, say goodbye to those video editing woes! We will transform your raw clips into a showstopping highlights reel, showcasing your child's soccer journey like never before.

Soccer Practice

Forget the editing struggle, relive the magic!

You film the games, you cheer them on. Now, let us help you tell their story with a professional-looking highlights reel. No editing experience needed, just send us your smartphone or camera footage and let us work our magic.

Here's why you'll love it...

  • From shaky footage to cinematic masterpiece: We will transform your raw videos into a polished highlights reel, complete with transitions, music, and even text overlays.

  • We will meticulously comb through your footage, capturing not just goals, but key saves, impressive dribbles, and heartwarming moments that you never want to forget.

  • Share with pride, celebrate their passion: Share the reel with family, friends, coaches, or even social media - show the world their talent and dedication!

  • Boost their confidence and inspire: Seeing themselves shine in a professionally edited reel will motivate them to keep practicing and achieving their goals.

  • Affordable way to preserve memories: Get professional-quality editing without breaking the bank.

Young Soccer Player

More than just soccer moms...

Whether you're a proud parent, grandparent, or dedicated supporter, celebrate your child's love for the game in a way they'll truly cherish.

What we will do...

Whether you want a highlights reel to share on social media, a short video to share with friends and family, or something to keep as a memento, we can help bring your footage to life. All you need to do is send us your footage and we will do the rest.

Oh, and be sure to tell us which player your child is!

The video will be complete and emailed to you within 7 days of your order, and will be sent in MP4 format.

Soccer Tackle
Young Footballers on Bench

Got a favourite soundtrack?

If you plan on sharing your reel on Instagram or Tiktok, you may not need a soundtrack to be included because you can easily add your favourite song when uploading your video onto their apps. They have exclusive agreements with world famous artists so you can use their music without worrying about copyright issues.


However, we can add a soundtrack for you! We can't use songs performed by your favourite artists due to copyright laws, but we do have access to a huge library of music that can help bring your video to life! You can even choose the tempo and genre of the track! 

Only £199

All highlights reels will be between 30 and 90 seconds in duration, and can be produced in portrait or landscape

Simply send us your phone or camcorder footage (no more than 90 minutes in total) and we will do the rest.

We will add transitions, and if you would like to add music and text overlays, you can! Just send us the song and any other information we may need. Please make sure you have the rights to use any music though! Copyright infringement could result in the video being removed from social media.

Order Your Reel

Upload File

Are you files too big to upload above? If so, email them to

Thanks for submitting!

Terms and Conditions:

All highlights reels will be up to a maximum of 90 seconds.

Highlights reels will be completed within 7 days of ordering.

When choosing a package, you must not exceed the amount of footage allowed. If too much footage is submitted, we reserve the right to choose which footage to use and may disregard some of your clips.

If the file size of your footage is too big to upload using the order form, please email it to

If you require music or text overlays, email the information to us as soon as you have made your order and we will include it.

Any special requests must be emailed immediately after ordering.

Any requests to add or change any music or text overlays must be received within 12 hours of making a booking.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure any music submitted does not infringe copyright laws. Failure to do so may result in legal action from the copyright owner, and music may be muted when uploaded to social media.

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