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The Veo 3 Camera - How is it Different to Veo 2?

In the world of football filming, the Veo camera series has emerged as a game-changer, allowing players, coaches, and fans alike to capture and analyse every moment. With the introduction of the Veo 3, the bar has been raised even higher, offering a plethora of new features and improvements that set it apart from its predecessor, the Veo 2.

Let's delve deeper into the features and enhancements of the Veo 3 camera that make it a must-have for soccer enthusiasts:

Veo 3 - The new feature


The Veo 3 boasts an extended control range and enhanced WiFi coverage, ensuring a seamless experience with the Veo Camera app. Uploads are now faster and more stable, facilitating smoother data transfer.


Future-proofed with 5G readiness, the Veo 3 keeps you ahead of the curve while remaining compatible with 4G. Automatic cell tower selection guarantees consistent connectivity, while the long-range antenna design ensures reliable connections over greater distances.

Video Quality:

Sharpness is the name of the game with the Veo 3, thanks to its new generation of lenses. HDR technology introduces vibrant, true-to-life colors, breathing life into your footage and vastly improving the quality.


Designed to withstand the rigors of the field, the Veo 3 features a rugged shell with edge protection and a new soft touch material to guard against impacts and scratches. It's also built to endure a wide range of temperatures and is dust, water, and UV resistant with an IP54 rating.

Storage and Handling:

With a generous storage capacity of 96.81 GB, the Veo 3 ensures you never miss a moment. LEDs for mode indication and an active cooling system further enhance its usability and performance.

Physical Specifications:

Compact yet robust, the Veo 3 boasts dimensions of Width: 209mm, Height: 63mm (excluding quick mount), Depth: 189mm, and a weight of 1.25kg, making it easy to transport and set up on the field.


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How Much Does Veo 3 Cost?

The Veo 3 camera costs £999.

Then, you need a subscription. You can see all of the plans available below:


For those that want to start recording at an affordable price.


Billed Yearly £399

  • 1 team (per camera)

  • 15 users (per camera)

  • 6 months storage of games


For those who want to use the Veo Cam for one team.


Billed Yearly £699

£999 - One time expense

  • 1 team (per camera)

  • 30 users (per camera)

  • 12 months storage of games

+ Add Veo Analytics +£25/month

+ Add Veo live-streaming +£15/month


For clubs that want to use the Veo Cam for multiple teams.

Most popular


Billed Yearly £899

£999 One time expense

  • 5 teams (per camera)

  • 150 users (per camera)

  • 12 months storage of games

+ Add Veo Analytics +£32/month

+ Add Veo live-streaming +£25 /month


For bigger clubs and leagues with a little more ordinary needs.


Billed Yearly £169

£999 One time expense

  • 20 teams (per camera)

  • 600 users (per camera)

  • 12 months storage of games

+ Add Veo Analytics +£59/month

+ Add Veo live-streaming +£35/month

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