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📅 Next available date - Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.

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💰 Whatever your budget, we have a package that you can afford! 


⚽Whether you need full game footage for post match analysis...

🎞️ Or a match highlights video to share on social media

✔️We can help!

Full Match Filming - £250

We will film your game and send you a copy of the full match within 48 hours.

Full Match Filming + Match Highlights Video - £350

We will film your game and send you a copy of the full match and a match highlights within 48 hours.

The match highlights video will include:

  • Intro title

  • Team line-ups (if provided)

  • Slow-motion replays of goals and other key incidents

  • Live score and time

  • Full time title

  • Match stats

Student Package - £300

We will film your game, send you a copy of the full match and produce an individual player reel.

Appear on our YouTube Channel - £150

Be seen by thousands of people!

We will film your game and produce a match highlights video, which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We will then share the link to the video on our popular Facebook and Twitter pages.

We also upload shorter clips to YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels and Tiktok.

Please note, for this package, neither the full game footage or any other files will be sent out to either team. This package is to appear on our YouTube channel only.

No Budget - Free

If your club doesn't have any money to spend, you can follow us on Twitter and request your game to be filmed without charge.

Simply look out for our tweets asking teams to request their games and reply to it with the relevant information.

Please note, we reserve the right choose every game we cover. No guarantees will be made to teams who request to have their match filmed for free. No priority is given to any club/team under any circumstances.

Follow us on Twitter by clicking here

Some of the teams we have filmed

Request Your Match!

Booking is dependent on availability.

Please make sure you provide the following information IN FULL:

Both team names

Date of game

Kickoff time

Location (including post code)

League/cup name

If your team's match is approved, we will contact you to arrange payment. All games must be paid for upon booking. Payment will not be accepted on the day of the game, or afterwards.

Please ensure that you arrange permission from both teams for the match to be filmed.

Any players under the age of 18 must have written parental permission to be filmed.

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